Jeff Bezos sets new record for most expensive property bought in California

Jeff Bezos' new Los Angeles home.
Jeff Bezos' new Los Angeles home. Photo credit: Google Maps + Getty Images

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos has purchased a lavish home that's set a new record for the most expensive property sold in California.

The Beverly Hills mansion was bought for US$165 million (NZ$256 million), beating the previous record set in late 2019 where a home was purchased for US$150 million (NZ$233 million).

Bezos' new home - the Warner Estate - is set on nine acres and has been called "one of the most beautiful properties in the world", according to the Wall Street Journal.

The mansion was designed in the 1930s for Jack Warner, the late former president of entertainment giant Warner Bros.

The Warner Estate.
The Warner Estate. Photo credit: Google Maps

Bezos purchased the home from David Geffen, a media mogul who founded film production company DreamWorks.

Geffen bought the property for US$47.5 million (NZ$73.6 million) in 1990, setting the then-record for a Los Angeles area home.

Along with the Warner Estate, his umbrella company Bezos Expeditions also paid US$90 million (NZ$140 million) for a plot of undeveloped land in Los Angeles "as an investment".

In 2019 Bezos purchased three New York City apartments in a deal valued around US$80 million (NZ$124 million).

His estimated total net worth is US$132 billion (NZ$205 billion), according to Bloomberg. He became nearly US$2 billion (NZ$3.1 billion) richer earlier in February when he sold some of his Amazon stock.

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