Kiwi family feels 'abandoned' in Wuhan amid coronavirus outbreak

As the coronavirus death toll rises to 1100, a Kiwi family feels they've been abandoned in Wuhan.  

Brendon Collecutt decided to stay in China with his young family who weren't allowed on the chartered flight evacuating people to New Zealand.

There was a strict criteria to get on board and seats were only given to people with New Zealand passports. 

Collecutt was told he could bring immediate family with him but only if they were permanent residents in New Zealand. 

But Collecutt's wife and three-year-old daughter only have visitor visas and weren't allowed on board.  

The New Zealand government said the rules were set by Chinese authorities.

Collecutt told Newshub he feels abandoned and ignored.

"What did our country not do that other countries did do?"

"We're just finishing three weeks of lockdown. We haven't been told exactly what we should do here, just stay inside as much as possible until it's over," he said. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the Government is trying to keep people together, but there may be "individual circumstances where that just wasn't possible". 

World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom said the consequences of coronavirus are more powerful than a terrorist attack.

"If the world doesn't want to wake up and consider this enemy virus as public enemy number one, I don't think we will learn from our lessons," Tedros told Newshub.

The coronavirus was officially renamed COVID-19 by the World Health Organisation on Tuesday.