Kiwi tests positive for coronavirus on cruise ship near Japan

A New Zealander has tested positive for coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, an MFAT spokesperson has confirmed to Newshub.

"No further details will be provided for privacy reasons," a spokesperson said. 

Thirteen New Zealanders are on the cruise ship holding a total of 2666 guests and 1045 crew members currently docked at Yokohama port. 

Twenty people on board are confirmed to have coronavirus, operator Princess Cruises said in a statement.

Thirteen Kiwis were confirmed as among those trapped on board the coronavirus-stricken ship.

For privacy reasons, MFAT won't say where the infected person is being treated. 

Two Australians, three from Hong Kong, one American, one Filipino and three from Japan are among the nationalities of the other confirmed infections. 

Earlier, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesperson said all 13 Kiwis on board had been tested for coronavirus and all results came back negative.

The two-week luxury cruise through Asia picked up an infected 80-year-old in Tokyo. 

Olivia, a passenger from Australia, told Newshub: "Right now it's a little bit scary, it happened all a bit fast." 

A planeload of passengers are facing a fortnight in quarantine too after landing in Auckland on Wednesday. 

Their marathon journey ended under police escort just before midnight when they welcomed into their isolation camp. 

"The passengers were very tired very stressed but incredibly relieved to be coming home," Medical Director Tony Smith said.  

One-hundred-and-ninety-three passengers were met by a volunteer medical team at the Wuhan border, everyone was screened twice. 

"What really struck me was the nervousness the stress that people were clearly feeling when we were screening them and luckily we didn't have to turn any of them away," Hannah Macleod said.

One kiwi family in Wuhan never even made it that far. 

"I wanted to be on with my whole family, I had the option of going with my whole family but that wasn't very realistic." 

Brendon is a New Zealand citizen but his wife and three-year-old daughter only have visitor visas. 

He says they're trapped with no way out. 

"I have no idea how the situation is going to unfold over here, I'd feel a lot safer over there." 

This is what they want to escape. 

Every inch of the epicentre is being drenched in disinfectant. China is doing everything and anything to protect the people.

One-hundred-and-fourty million people are now in lockdown, only one person per house is allowed out every two days to get food.  

"We're stuck inside 24/7, we leave the apartment every few days to go shopping. My daughter is three years old and she hasn't been outside in 15 days." 

Unprecedented precautions implemented as the growing number of cases and deaths continue to climb. 

So too does the number of new Zealanders entering isolation. Extreme measures to protect themselves as well as those around them. 

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