Man who crossed Antarctica unassisted says he pooped his only pair of underwear less than halfway through

Colin O'Brady during his trek.
Colin O'Brady during his trek. Photo credit: Instagram/Colin O'Brady

An adventurer who crossed Antarctica on foot says he soiled his only pair of underwear less than halfway through the trek and had to continue wearing them for 38 days.

Colin O'Brady decided he would cross Antarctica alone and unassisted. The trek would take him 54 days, but on day 15 things took a turn for the worse. 

Having walked in subzero temperatures for days hauling a 181kg sled behind him, he was freezing, exhausted and starving. 

"I woke up feeling overwhelmed and ganged up on, my defences were down," he wrote in his new memoir The Impossible First.

During this moment of weakness, O'Brady says he ate around 2000 calories of his rations - dubbed 'Colin Bars'. The Colin Bars were high in fat, formulated to ensure he had enough energy for the intense hiking.

They were not made to be eaten in a late-night binge. 

The next day disaster struck - having already packed up camp and dressed in his gear O'Brady could not stop to use the toilet. His stomach was cramping and he was in pain, but he thought he could make it.

Six miles into his 12-mile day, the inevitable happened.

 "I thought that I'd get some relief if I was able to pass some gas, so I tried," he wrote.

"Unfortunately more than gas came out."

O'Brady only packed one pair of underwear for his trip, to minimise the weight of his sled as much as possible.

 "I bring 220 pounds of food but one pair of underwear," O'Brady told Business Insider before he left for his trip in 2018.

"I'll be filthy at the end!"

At the time, he had no idea just how true those words would be. 

He described the unfortunate accident as "very humiliating" in his book.