UK truck driver jailed over dangerous U-turn caught on film

A truck driver has been jailed for six months after pulling off a dangerous U-turn on Britain's M6 motorway.

CCTV footage of the turn shows a truck and trailer head the wrong way down a motorway off ramp. The vehicle then waits on the highway's shoulder for a break in traffic before making the risky manoeuvre. 

Video of the incident was shared on Facebook on Friday (local time) by the Staffordshire Police.

"Imagine this on your morning commute," they wrote.

"The driver of this lorry was jailed for six months and disqualified from driving for 15 months after he was caught driving dangerously on the M6 Toll last month. Thankfully, no one was injured."

According to the date on the footage, the incident occurred just before 8am on January 21.