Bernie Sanders battles Joe Biden to take on Donald Trump

US Senator Bernie Sanders was fighting for votes at his rally on Sunday (local time) in the hope he'll be the person to take on President Donald Trump.

Ahead of Super Tuesday - when one-third of the total votes will be cast for a nominee - he's promising free healthcare for all, a doubling of the minimum wage and spending on weapons of mass destruction to come second to combating climate change.

"We are going to defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of America," Sanders said to the 10,000-strong crowd.

"Donald Trump is going to learn that we are a democracy, not an autocracy… We're going to throw him out of office."

Once an outsider, Sanders is now out in front to take on Trump. He even got celebrity endorsements from actor Dick Van Dyke and hip hop royalty Public Enemy.

"We love you Bernie, that will be true. When you're not near us, we're blue. Oh Bernie, we love you," Van Dyke sang to the crowd.

And Sanders really is fighting the power, given the Democratic establishment don't want him as the candidate. But he has a movement.

"Love Bernie. We support everything that Bernie's trying to do," one supporter said.

"We figure if America's not smart enough to vote for him this time, I'm not sure there's too much hope for anything," another person said.

"I just think Bernie's the man," a third supporter said.

This movement behind Sanders wants to fight the power, they want change and they want a revolution.

"Let us go forward, let's defeat Trump, let's transform this country," Sanders said at his rally.

Sanders and his movement are ready, hyped and amped - they want power to the people with no delay in order to fight the powers that be.

Super Tuesday is coming down to Sanders against former Vice President Joe Biden.

The fear with Sanders is that he is unelectable once he's up against Trump, whereas Biden is a safer bet.

The question is whether Sanders can grow his support to drag in more of the mainstream who believe he can beat Trump. If he does that and wins Super Tuesday, the momentum and his movement will grow and the revolution will become real.

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