Coronavirus: Interactive global map shows up-to-date cases, deaths, recoveries

Interactive COVID-19 resources are continuing to pop up online, providing up-to-date figures on the novel coronavirus pandemic for the public, researchers and public health authorities to view. 

Johns Hopkins University's live COVID-19 tracker made waves when the internet first discovered its up-to-date data, covering new COVID-19 developments around the world.

Now, the COVID Visualiser is also providing a live, interactive experience for users to track the virus.

The website was created in the US by developers at Carnegie Mellon University. It allows users to click on a country, territory or region of interest to peruse the area's confirmed number of COVID-19 cases, active number of cases, recoveries and deaths. 

The map uses data derived from Worldometre's real-time updates, a platform that provides up-to-the-minute statistics based on reliable sources from around the world.

The researchers from Carnegie Mellon who developed the map, Navid Mamoon and Gabriel Rasskin, say they wanted to provide a simple and interactive way to visualise the impact of COVID-19.

"We wanted people to be able to see this as something that brings us all together. It's not one country, or another country; it's one planet - and this is what our planet looks like today," they wrote on their website.

New Zealand's current COVID-19 statistics.
New Zealand's current COVID-19 statistics. Photo credit:

Unlike the Johns Hopkins University tracker, the map deducts recoveries from a country or territory's total. For example, as of today it shows New Zealand has 256 active and 27 recovered cases, bringing the total to 283. This is the same total the Ministry of Health reported on Thursday.

The website says there are currently 335,371 active cases, while 21,291 people have died and 114,642 have recovered.

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