Coronavirus roundup: 200,000 cases, 'socio-economic tsunami' in Italy, Europe lockdown

The world's richest nations have prepared more costly measures to combat the global fall-out of the coronavirus that has infected tens of thousands of people, triggered social restrictions unseen since World War II and sent economies spinning toward recession.

Deaths, infections

The virus has infected more than 200,000 people so far across the world, while the death toll is currently at over 7800.


All 50 states in the United States have reported cases of the respiratory illness and the total number of known US infections has surged past 6400, with the nationwide death toll at least 108.

The Trump administration pressed on Tuesday for enactment of a $US trillion stimulus package, possibly to include $US1000 direct payments to individual Americans.

Canada said it would provide financial support to people affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Brazil on Tuesday reported its first coronavirus death and said tests were under way on four other possible COVID-19 fatalities.

Mexico's Supreme Court said it will suspend its regular court activities from March 18 to April 19.


Italy's prime minister said the coronavirus was causing a "socio-economic tsunami" as European leaders agreed to seal off external borders.

The death toll in Italy has risen by 345 to 2503, an increase of 16 per cent. The total number of cases in Italy, rose to 31,506 from a previous 27,980.

France put its 67 million people under lockdown on Tuesday, in an unprecedented act during peacetime, and said it was ready to nationalise big companies suffering financial turmoil.

France's death toll from the coronavirus has reached 148 and a total of 6600 people have been confirmed infected.

Belgium will impose a lockdown from midday on Wednesday until April 5 to restrict the movement of people.

Spain announced a massive 200 billion euros package to help companies and protect workers and other vulnerable groups.

Germany is setting aside 50 million euros to repatriate German tourists stranded around the world.

Britain launched a new lending scheme to provide short-term bridging finance for large businesses.

Turkey confirmed its first death related to the coronavirus as the number of confirmed cases more than doubled to 98.


Mainland China had 13 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infections on Tuesday, down from 21 cases a day earlier. Of the new cases, 12 involved infected travellers arriving from abroad. That brings the total number of confirmed cases in mainland China so far to 80,894

The death toll from the outbreak in mainland China had reached 3237 as of the end of Tuesday, up by 11 from the previous day.

China has authorised clinical trials on its first vaccine developed to combat the coronavirus.

Indonesian police have ordered retailers to ration purchases of staple foods to contain panic buying, while the president weighed up a cut in fuel prices to reflect tumbling oil prices.

South Korea reported 84 new coronavirus cases as of Tuesday, the third day in a row that the county has reported fewer than 100 new infections, bringing the country's total infections to 8320. The death toll rose by two to 81.

Taiwan will ban entry to the island for most foreigners as part of coronavirus prevention measures, excluding foreign resident permit holders and diplomats.

Thailand plans to close schools, bars, movie theatres, cockfighting arenas as well as postpone next month's Thai New Year holiday.

Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda said on Wednesday the central bank would ease monetary policy again "without hesitation" if the economy worsens further from the fall-out of the pandemic.

Vietnam will suspend the issue of new visas for all foreign nationals.

Kyrgyzstan, which has no reported cases, banned entry to all foreigners.

Middle East and Africa

Saudi Arabia said its mosques would no longer receive worshippers for daily prayers or Friday congregations.

Iran's death toll from the new coronavirus has increased to 988, with 135 new deaths and 1178 new infected people in the past 24 hours.

Jordan's king approved a law that gives the government sweeping powers to enforce a state of emergency.

Egypt on Tuesday reported two more coronavirus deaths, bringing the country's total to six.


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