Coronavirus: Shoppers crowd toilet paper aisle in Australian supermarket

Shoppers descended on the toilet paper aisle in an Australian supermarket.
Shoppers descended on the toilet paper aisle in an Australian supermarket. Photo credit: Twitter/Ben Fordham

Toilet paper panic-buyers have once again descended on an Australian supermarket as COVID-19 coronavirus fears continue to grow.

A video uploaded to social media shows desperate shoppers crowding an aisle as they attempt to grab packets of toilet paper on Sunday.

The security footage is from an Aldi store in Melbourne and has since been shared widely online.

One online commenter called the shoppers "embarrassing".

"Can you imagine if we had a real emergency, like a threat of war or something? People would be knifing grannies for Tim Tams in the parking lot," they wrote.

Another person wrote: "We lost the plot, then hoarded toilet paper. [That] will be how 2020 is summarised in future history lessons."

The video from this Melbourne supermarket follows the "bog roll beatdown" in Sydney in the weekend.

Two women, who have since been charged with affray, fought over a single pack of toilet paper in the middle of Woolworths.

They were pulling each other's hair and screaming for the first part of the video as people watched on.

"Are you joking... are you f***ing joking," one bystander says.

After they're separated, the women began bickering. The lady who wanted the toilet paper says: "I just want one pack".

Aldi and Woolworths have now joined forces and are limiting toilet paper supplies to one pack per customer, down from four, according to