Coronavirus: Social distancing in London a non-event as UK cases soar past 8000

The number of coronavirus COVID-19 cases in the UK have now soared past 8000.

Despite that, the Government is already struggling to enforce its lockdown with Londoners' flouting the rules.

It's led to desperate pleas from doctors and politicians for everyone to get in line. Those in the UK rocked by the virus are demanding everyone play their part.

Catherine Brown's husband has the virus - he's only 38-years-old and had no underlying medical conditions.

"Please stop going outside," an emotional Brown said. "Don't give this to somebody else."

The daughter of another victim who was 82-years-old also added her voice to the chorus.

"Those of you out there - still out there gathering - rise up! How selfish can you be?" Ruth Burke told ITV News.

But on day one of the UK's lockdown, London's trains were full and social-distancing was a non-event.

Parks were also as busy as ever.

"I'm keeping myself safe, that's all I can do," said one man who was out and about. "I'm not ill."

On Tuesday, the death toll in the UK rose to more than 420 - an increase of over 80 in one day.

Twenty-one of those deaths were in North London - the area where one hospital declared it was drowning.

"Patients are dying who have staff members who are relatives who go straight back to work," one doctor told ITV. "It's really, really, really terrible."