Coronavirus: Sydney supermarket shopper deliberately coughs on staff, shrieks abuse

  • 25/03/2020

An irate Sydney shopper has been filmed flouting physical distancing rules to deliberately cough all over a supermarket staffer in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

Australia has introduced stringent COVID-19 strategies to combat the spread of the pandemic, which has already infected 2144 people and claimed eight lives.

In New South Wales, where the disturbing footage was filmed, extreme measures have been put in place - including people keeping 1.5 metres apart at all times, which the angry shopper willingly defied to cough on a checkout operator.

In the clip, filmed on Saturday, the incandescent woman can be seen walking into the Mount Druitt ALDI to yell at staff, claiming they removed hundreds of dollars from her purse.

After denying the claims, supermarket workers urge her to leave the store immediately, only for her to single out one staff member to charge at and cough all over.

The ALDI worker was forced to use the magazine he was holding to cover his face, before watching the woman storm out of the supermarket incensed.

Coughing near people is actively discouraged, as coronavirus is easily transmitted through droplets.

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