Coronavirus: Two Australian women charged following fight over pack of toilet paper

Two women who fought over a single pack of toilet paper in a Sydney supermarket have been charged with affray.

The video was filmed in a Woolworths store in Chullora on Saturday and it has since been shared widely online.

It shows three women fighting after one of them wanted a single pack of toilet paper. Two appear to be defending their stockpile of paper stacked in a trolley. The women are pulling each other's hair and are screaming for the first part of the video as people watch on.

"Are you joking... are you f***ing joking," one bystander says.

Staff were forced to intervene to stop the brawl.

After they are separated, the women begin bickering. The lady who wanted the toilet paper says: "I just want one pack".

The incident was described by the person who shared the footage as the "bog roll beatdown".

New South Wales police say they've charged two women. A third woman, 49, who was allegedly assaulted during the incident is uninjured.

Two women, aged 23 and 60, were issued court attendance notices for affray and are due to appear at Bankstown Local Court on April 28.

Earlier this week, an economics professor in the United States said people often panic-buy toilet paper because they worry others will stockpile and supplies will eventually run out.

"You run and get toilet paper not because you need dozens of rolls, but because you fear that others are going to stockpile leaving none for you," Justin Wolfers says in a series of tweets.

"And they're buying because they fear (correctly) that you're running to the store to stock up, leaving none for them."

National MP Judith Collins on Friday called for calm, saying that New Zealand was well stocked up on the product. 

"I'm not into panicking myself... I would remind everybody that New Zealand actually produces toilet paper and there's no reason to get all excited because there's a whole place down in Kawerau that just does that. Like, pushing it all out."