Coronavirus: Video shows quick spread of COVID-19 across the globe

A new video shows how the coronavirus COVID-19 has spread since its initial outbreak. 

In the Reuters video, a small red dot indicating patient zero -  the first person with COVID-19 - grows as more people get infected until it surrounds a large part of Hubei, China.

China started reporting the numbers only on December 31, 2019.

The dot in China grows and others rapidly appear across the globe, showing the different countries infected.

In the video, the impact of the COVID-19 is apparent as circles grow larger in South Korea, Iran, Italy and Japan.

In February, a tiny red dot appears on New Zealand, indicating the country's first case.

On Friday, the Ministry of Health confirmed a fourth case of coronavirus COVID-19. He is the partner of the woman confirmed to have the illness on Wednesday. They are from Auckland and recently visited the coronavirus hotspot of northern Italy.

As of Saturday at midday, there had been 101,781 cases of COVID-19 reported to the World Health Organization, and 3460 deaths.