Flat-Earth YouTuber who tried to 'flat-smack' children smacked with trespass order

A flat-Earth activist in the US who tried to "flat-smack" a group of schoolchildren has himself been smacked with a trespassing order.

Last week YouTuber Nathan Thompson visited Hollis Academy in Greenville, South Carolina, standing outside the school grounds and urging young children to take one of his flyers, which claim the Earth is flat.

"I've got a flyer for you. Here, check it out," he yells. None of the children do.

"Hey kids, check this out real quick - space is fake," he continues. 

"You're not on a spinning ball. They're going to teach you - listen guys - they're going to teach you you're on a spinning ball. That doesn't make it true. It's not real. The floor is not moving a thousand miles an hour, okay?"

Nathan Thompson.
Nathan Thompson. Photo credit: Nathan Thompson/YouTube

He moves onto another group of kids, telling viewers on his YouTube channel he's going to "flat-smack them".

"Guys, you don't live on a ball - the Earth is flat. I've got flyers right here, you can check out my YouTube, okay?" he says, working himself up into a loud scream.

"Give them to your teachers - you can verify everything on my flyer. Large bodies of water do not curve. Hey guys, you're not on a ball in space! The Earth is flat! Large bodies of water DO NOT CURVE!"

Thompson, who featured in Netflix's documentary on the flat-Earth phenomenon Behind the Curve, was later arrested and charged with public disorderly conduct.

"We're concerned anytime someone is reaching across the fence and we don't know what they're up to," Greenville County school district spokesperson Teri Brinkman told the Greenville News.

"It scares children. It frightens the teachers. It's not OK."

In a follow-up YouTube video uploaded on Thursday (NZ time), Thompson showed off the list of schools he's now banned from.

Nathan Thompson shows off the list of places he's banned from.
Nathan Thompson shows off the list of places he's banned from. Photo credit: Nathan Thompson/YouTube

"All these spots right here I can't flat-smack, or the cop warned me I might go to jail," he said in a mocking voice. 

Thompson called the officer a "zombie" for not researching flat-Earth himself, despite being urged to in a previous encounter between the two. 


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