Nestlé releases Vegan Milo in Australia

Milo is hitting New Zealand shelves later this year.
Milo is hitting New Zealand shelves later this year. Photo credit: Instagram/accidentallyveganaustralia

Nestlé has released a new vegan-friendly Milo in Australia- but you'll have to wait for it to hit New Zealand shelves.

The product is a plant-based dairy alternative powder and has been quietly added to Australian supermarkets and vegans are just picking up on the release and posting their excitement online.

The product has changed Milo's normal milk powder to a soy protein isolate and soluble corn fibre and it is recommended to add three teaspoons to hot or cold soy milk.

It is expected to taste similar to the original and uses the same core ingredients malt, barley and cocoa, but with less added sugar.

But New Zealanders will have to wait to try the chocolate drink.

A Nestlé spokesperson confirmed to the NZ Herald the product won't be hitting the New Zealand shelves until early May 2020.

But in Australia, vegans are sharing their excitement about the new release.

One Twitter user said, "someone just reversed into my car but then I found the vegan Milo so I guess it all equals out".

Another called the news "huge" for vegans.

"Take all my money," one said.

In Australia, The AU Review said a 395g tin costs $7.30, but it has not been confirmed how much it will be when released here.