South African cannabis smugglers caught dead-handed trying to hide weed in a coffin

Coffin weed
Police found 80kg of cannabis in the coffin. Photo credit: SAPS

Police in South Africa say they have caught two men trying to smuggle 80kg of cannabis in a coffin.

The pair were stopped during a roadblock and claimed they'd been hired by a funeral home to transport a corpse.

However, a quick search led to the discovery of 30 large bags of cannabis, news website The South African reported.

The men were arrested and are due in court next week.

"A 34-year-old South African man and a 32-year old asylum seeker with a temporary permit from the Congo were placed under arrest," the South African Police Service told The South African.

The smugglers thought police enforcing the lockdown wouldn't bother to check coffins.

South Africa has reported 86 deaths from COVID-19 and nearly 5000 confirmed cases.