Stubborn Aussie golden retriever goes viral for sidewalk meltdown

A stubborn Australian golden retriever has captured hearts online for refusing to go on a walk with her owner in a "hilarious" viral video.

Elsie's owner Mike Cook can be seen trying to pull the sitting dog along on her lead before she rolls over and plays dead in their Gold Coast neighbourhood.

Cook told ABC News they had only just started their walk when it happened.

"We live about 100 metres from where that video was taken, let's put it this way when we turned around to go home, she ran home," he said. 

"Elsie is quite a character, she is a pretty good dog, I would say borderline spoilt. She is very loved and loves adventure."

Cook told 7NEWS Elsie is very fit but some days she just doesn't want to leave the house.

"If she's not in the mood for walking, you're just not going anywhere," he said.

"She'll just drop, play dead. There's nothing you can do.

"You've just got to do pretty much whatever the dog wants.

"She is just a really moody dog. If she doesn't want to do something, she won't do it."

The video was captured by their neighbour Kayla Evans on April 12 and has since gone viral with over 50 million views on Facebook and 3 million on TikTok.

Since then, it has "blown up, gone crazy", Evans said.

"It was just so funny. She just stopped. She didn't want to walk. She was not happy," Evans told 7NEWS.

"It was just the funniest thing. I couldn't believe it was happening."

Social media users have called the clip "hilarious" and shared stories of their own dogs.

"He really tried to factory reset the dog and it still didn't work," one Tiktok user said.

"My dog did that every walk. She used to hide her leash under the couch and hide when I put on my tennis shoes so I quit trying to walk her," another wrote.

Other users have offered tips to keep her motivated and trick her into walking.

"I have a dog that does that. The best way to get past it is to either cross the street or turn around and walk back on a different block."

However, it isn't the first time Elsie's antics have gone viral. In 2017 a video was posted to Youtube of her refusing to walk any further at Burleigh Hill.

In the video posted to Youtube a man could be heard saying "Excuse me, sir, I think your dog's broken," as Elsie ignores Cook's attempts to make her move.