Coronavirus: Calls for global pact to fairly distribute vaccine when it's found

There's calls for a global pact that when a COVID-19 vaccine is found, it's treated fairly and distributed to every country throughout the world. 

Concerns have been raised the US has paid for one that they will keep to themselves. 

Since the pandemic unfolded, there have been stories of survival that translate around the world. In the US, 57-year-old Bill Clark told CBS News he thought he'd never leave hospital.

"I started wondering, "How bad is this going to be? Am I close to dying?" 

His fight was part of a groundbreaking trial involving the drug remdesivir.

"I think remdesivir is one important tool but we also need to look for other ways to help our patients," said Emory University Hospital infectious diseases chief Dr Aneesh Mehta.

He means adding more firepower; combining remdesivir that stops the virus from multiplying with a powerful inflammatory drug - an immune modulator that prevents organ damage by calming down the immune system. 

That one, two punch could be like a cocktail treatment until a vaccine is found and when it is, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and professors are calling for it to be the "people's vaccine".  

"None of us is secure until everyone is secure which means when one is ready, it should be ready to go to everyone that is secure," former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said.

But in France, at least one trial is backed by US money and the French are worried it won't spread far and wide enough if the US claims it as their own.

"We need a vaccine like the alt polio where the person said 'I don't want a cent, I want the benefit of humanity'," Clark said.