George Floyd death: Newly emerged surveillance footage shows no evidence of resistance

Newly emerged surveillance footage in the lead up to George Floyd's arrest shows he didn't resist arrest, the claim officers have used to justify kneeling on his neck before he died.

Floyd, a black man who was seen in a widely circulated video gasping for breath as a white officer knelt on his neck, died in the US state of Minnesota on Monday night, sparking outrage and violent protests.

Officers alleged Floyd committed forgery and was resisting arrest but surveillance footage from a restaurant near the scene appears to debunk that claim. The footage shows the moment officers first approach Floyd and no resistance can be seen throughout the clip.

In the clip, it appears Floyd was handcuffed by the officers before he fell on the ground. He's then taken over the road to the police vehicle, where he falls over again. It's understood that's when the officer starts using force.

The original video of Floyd's arrest showed him pleading, "Please, I can't breathe", as the officer knelt on his neck.

As onlookers urged the officer to let Floyd up, they noticed his nose bleeding but the officer remained kneeling on his neck - even after he became unresponsive. He was taken to hospital by paramedics and later died.

Four police officers were involved in his arrest - all of whom have been fired. There are growing calls for murder charges to be laid against them.

Minneapolis faced its second night of violent protests as a result of the death, with the city's Mayor calling for backup from the National Guard. 

Floyd's death is being investigated by the FBI and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.