George Floyd death: Rioting, looting broke out as Minneapolis residents protest death

Rioting and looting broke out in Minnesota on Wednesday night (local time) as residents took to the streets of Minneapolis to protest the death of African-American man George Floyd who died while being arrested by a white police officer.

Videos of the 47-year-old's violent death sparked outrage and riots began to escalate. Shops were set on fire and ransacked, police cars were smashed by angry crowds and the state's Governor Tim Walz described the situation as "extremely dangerous".

A police spokesperson told reporters that Wednesday's protests were not as peaceful as the previous night's, and one person had been fatally shot, but it was unclear whether this was directly related to the riots, NBC reports.

Demonstrators in a tense standoff with police were soon caught in a crossfire as rubber bullets were shot at them and tear gas rained down from the roof of a building.

It comes after a new cellphone video emerged showing Floyd's initial arrest from a new angle. Police officers were filmed taking him out of their car while he was handcuffed, they walked across the street, but then he fell to the ground. Three officers pin him to the ground as Floyd pleads for air.

The officer who knelt and clamped down on his neck is Derek Chauvin.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has called for Chauvin to be arrested. He was asked during an interview whether he thought the officer's actions constitute murder, to which he says "I do".

"Let me be clear, the arresting officer killed someone. As to the precise charge, I'm not going to get into that."

People in Los Angeles also held a protest, bringing one freeway to a halt as they mobbed police patrol cars. Officers are shown in videos plowing through crowds in an attempt to escape their fury.

Floyd's death is being investigated by the FBI and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.