Black business owner in US says his white landlord kicked him out of office space for peacefully protesting

A black man in the US says his landlord kicked him out of his rented office space after seeing a video of him at a peaceful protest on the news. 

Jeremiah Johnson captured video of his confrontation with his landlord near Des Moines in Iowa on Sunday. 

In the video Johnson can be heard trying to find his landlord's justification for why he is being kicked out.

It appears to boil down to Johnson's presence at a Black Lives Matter protest.

For more than a week protests have been held across the US to demand change to the systemic racism that has existed in the country for generations. The protests follow the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer.

While some protests have turned to riots, Johnson says he was not connected to violence in any way.

"I was protesting the right way!" he tells his landlord in the clip. 

"If there's something illegally going on somewhere that I'm at, I don't wanna be a part of it  - I would leave," his landlord says.

"There were two different groups," Johnson replies.

"I'm saying it's poor judgement to be somewhere that something illegal is going on," the landlord continues.

The video has spread across social media with people calling for the landlord's details to "leave him a nice review".

Johnson says the case has been taken to court and in response his landlord allegedly sent his attorney an email complaining about how people "demand" rights.

"We live in a day and age where people demand rights who have never earned anything or done anything to deserve them...let alone respect," reads a screenshot Johnson says came from his landlord.

Johnson has created a GoFundMe to support his business through it's "rough patch".

"We have invested so much time, effort, and money into the office, and getting kicked out has really pushed us back," he wrote.

"On top of all our issues, COVID-19 has really slowed down our progress as well.This gofundme page was made to help us get back to where we once were, and also help us grow as a business."

So far the fundraising page has raised just over $3000.

Johnson's landlord has been contacted for comment.