CCTV captures man punching elderly woman in the head on Brooklyn street

CCTV footage has captured the moment a 78-year-old woman was randomly punched in the head by a man while walking on a footpath in Brooklyn. 

In a video released by the NYPD, the pair are seen on June 10 approaching each other in opposite directions before he abruptly strikes her. 

The woman stumbles to the side and holds a hand to her head while staring in disbelief at the man. 

She turned to face the man, who then raised his palms at the woman. The pair appeared to talk before he left. 

NYPD say the woman suffered "substantial pain" but refused medical attention.

The assault comes after a 92-year-old woman was punched in the head on a Manhattan street in early June.

The force caused her to hit her head on a fire hydrant and her shopping cart collapsed onto her.

She received medical treatment and was later released.

A 31-year-old man was later charged with the assault.

Police are appealing for witnesses regarding the assault of the 78-year-old.