George Floyd death: At least 14 dead in US following protests

The death of US man George Floyd has reignited an international movement calling for the end to racism and police brutality. 

But the protests, which have been raging for nine nights, have led to further tragedy - several deaths have been linked to the protests by media reports. 

For each, details remain murky. 

The first is understood to have been Calvin Lewis Horton Jr, who died outside a pawn shop from shotgun wounds during protests in Minneapolis on May 27. According to the Star Tribune, sources said the owner of another nearby business believed Horton was involved in looting. He was later arrested.

Two days later, Fox News says Javar Harrell, a 21-year-old man from Detroit, was shot during a protest. He was reportedly sitting in a vehicle with two others when an unknown man approached. 

Dave Underwood, a 53-year-old federal officer, was protecting a courthouse and monitoring a nearby protest in Oakland, California when someone shot at him from a vehicle. While the Associated Press says it's unclear if the shooting was related to protests, the building was vandalised and sprayed with anti-police graffiti. 

A protest in Louisville, Kentucky.
A protest in Louisville, Kentucky. Photo credit: Getty Images

A 77-year-old retired police captain, David Dorn, was killed outside a St Louis pawn shop he was checking in on in the early hours of Tuesday (local time). The store, owned by a friend which he frequently looked after, was ransacked and Dorn was found dead on the pavement. AP says no further details have been released.

Also in St Louis, a man died after being dragged behind a FedEx truck. The truck was diverted after protestors blocked an interstate. But the truck was later stopped again by more protesters on the road.

David McAtee, 53, was another of those killed. According to local media reports, the owner of a Louisville barbecue restaurant was shot after shots were heard by police and national guard. They returned fire, killing the man. The local police chief was later fired as officers hadn't activated their body cameras. Security footage later showed McAtee firing a gun as officers approached. 

Two people died in Indianapolis during the weekend. One was 38-year-old Chris Beaty, a former American Football player for Indiana University. AP says he was shot, and it's believed it happened near his apartment.

Dorian Murrell, 18, was the second to die in Indianapolis when he was fatally shot. Police have arrested a man in connection with his death.

Iowa woman Italia Kelly, 22, was shot while leaving a protest outside a Walmart in Davenport, and now police are investigating her death. Kelly and a friend were leaving after the protest turned unruly and she was hit in the back by a bullet.

Police there are also investigating the circumstances of a man who was found shot to death with a handgun under his body. His identity hasn't been released.

A protest in Missouri.
A protest in Missouri. Photo credit: Getty Images

James Scurlock, a 22-year-old black man from Omaha, Nebraska, was killed on Saturday (local time) after he scuffled with the owner of a bar. The bar owner, Jake Gardner, was shoved to the ground by two people and he then fired two shots into the air. Scurlock then jumped on him and Gardner fired the gun over his shoulder, hitting Scurlock.

Local authorities aren't pressing charges and are instead calling it an act on self-defense.

Two people were killed during protests in Cicero, suburban Chicago on Monday, town spokesperson Ray Hanania said. One victim was 27-year-old Victor Cazares who died after he was shot in the head. The second was another man who died after he was shot in the torso. Both deaths are ruled as homicides.

A person died in Philadelphia early Tuesday morning (local time) following a botched attempt to break into an ATM with explosives. CBS reports the 24-year-old man tried to blow up the ATM to loot it, but when the device went off he was thrown to the ground and taken to hospital with serious injuries.