German model who changed skin colour says white people exploit black community

German model Martina Big says she stands with the Black Lives Matter protests.
German model Martina Big says she stands with the Black Lives Matter protests. Photo credit: Getty, Facebook/ Martina Big

A white German model who took melanin injections to darken the colour of her skin says white people are "exploiting" the black community.

Martina Big was born with blonde hair and pale skin, but changed her hair and skin colour, had breast implants, and changed her name to Malaika Kubwa. She says she now identifies as a black woman.

The 32-year-old spoke to British tabloid paper Metro on Wednesday about the Black Lives Matter movement, which began after the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer.

Kubwa says she stands by the protests, but is against looters and violent protesters.

"Unfortunately, many black people are treated like second class people," she said.

"I think it's right that people protest loudly against these grievances because this is the only way to point out the broad dimensions of these abuses and to indirectly exert pressure on politicians and other people in influential positions."

She says as a "former white woman" she can't understand how people can disagree with the protests.

"To condemn the black people for just demonstrating against being treated as second-class people. It cannot go on that white people lead a better life by exploiting and oppressing black people."

While Kubwa is yet to join in with any protests herself, she said she has been vocal about her support on Facebook. 

"I wrote several times in my posts and comments that I found the police brutality and the violence against the black community intangible and I try to encourage my black brothers and sisters."

She said all of the police officers involved in Floyd's death should be severely punished.

Kubwa has also started her own line of face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, made from her bras.

"Due to my many breast enlargements lately, many of my bras have become too small for me. That's a lot of bra fabric that is currently lying around unused," she wrote on Facebook.

"Because of the large area of my cups, I can make 12 face masks from one bra... My motto is: 'Huge bras for more safety'."