Los Angeles police shoot homeless man in wheelchair in face with projectiles during protest

Los Angeles police have been slammed after shooting a wheelchair-bound homeless man in the face with projectiles during a protest of the killing of George Floyd.

According to The Los Angeles Daily News, more than 5000 demonstrators gathered on Tuesday to protest against police brutality.

When they stayed past the curfew time, police moved in to disperse them and fired non-lethal rounds. One struck a homeless man in the face, leaving a bloody wound visible in photos which have shocked the world.

A photographer who claims he witnessed the event, Kirk Tsonos, shared images of the aftermath to his Facebook page.

"As we were being boxed in on Broadway & 5th Street to be arrested, LAPD decided that a completely unarmed homeless man in a wheelchair that had NOTHING to do with our protest was somehow a threat," he wrote.

"They proceeded to inappropriately shoot 'non-lethal' rounds directly at his face."

"The last image is exceptionally heart-breaking for me as you can visibly see the homeless man writhing in pain, screaming, as he spews blood from his face moments after getting shot," Tsonos added.

Another set of photos show the man bleeding from a large wound above his eye.

The LAPD has said it uses foam projectiles, not rubber bullets, and it will investigate any allegations of misconduct by its officers.

"We are aware of individuals who have posted videos online and on social media depicting encounters with the police, that they believe constitutes excessive force or misconduct during these demonstrations. We will investigate each instance thoroughly, and hold any officer who violates department policy accountable," it said.