Melbourne care home apologises for job advert requesting no 'dark-skinned' people apply

The advert posted to requested no 'dark-skinned' people apply.
The advert posted to requested no 'dark-skinned' people apply. Photo credit:

A Melbourne disability care provider has apologised for posting a job advert requesting no 'dark skinned' people apply.

The ad posted to by Absolute Care and Health based in South Yarra read: "We request no dark-skinned (Indian or African) applicants apply for this role."

Absolute Care and Health said the discriminatory request was due to a 'client request.'.

7 News reports the ad was met with outrage, promoting the care home to take it down and apologise.

Absolute Care and Health said in a statement, their correct recruitment processes were not followed and the request was posted due to human error.

"We absolutely agree the language used in the job advertisement is completely unacceptable. In no way does it reflect our core values as an organisation or commitment to equal opportunity within our company and our community." The statement read.

The statement, which was posted to Facebook on Friday, June 26th, received strong backlash with people expressing their disappointment in the care home.

Commenters questioned how the request could have possibly been due to human error, presuming it was a reflection of the company's values.

Chairman of the Australian Anti-Defamation Commission, Dr Dvir Ambramovich told 7 News the advert was 'stomach churning.'

"This ad crossed so many lines that I stopped counting and turned back the clock on race relations," Dr Ambramovich said.

He told 7 News he wonders how the phrasing did not raise any red flags within the company and that people deserve to be hired based on experience, not race.

Although it caused backlash, the ad may not have broken any rules. Victoria's Equal Opportunity Act 2010 states employers may discriminate in determining who should be offered employment in relation to care, if the care is given in a clients home.