Spikes, deaths and quarantine: USA, UK and New Zealand on COVID-19

While New Zealand has no new COVID-19 cases for 20 days in a row, there are still thousands overseas.

In the United States, there were fears the Black Lives Matter protests could cause a spike in coronavirus cases.

It now appears they could be coming true as cases in the country passed 2 million on Thursday.

Some states have been easing restrictions including Miami reopening its beaches as the country enters summer.

But it comes as Dr Debrorah Birx, an advisor to President Trump, was recorded telling Governors she's worried about a spike in infections due to recent protests. 

"It does worry me because not everyone was in a mask and some people were shouting and we don't know the efficacy of masks with shouting," she said. 

There have been more than 115,000 deaths in the U.S and a Harvard global health institute study is predicting it will reach 200,000 in less than three months.

The US's cases are far ahead of Brazil, Russia and the United Kingdom, who all currently have just under 300,000 total coronavirus cases. 

In the UK 40,000 have died from COVID-19 and on Thursday a former advisor to the Government admitted lives could have been saved early on. 

"Had we introduced lockdown measures a week earlier we would have reduced the final death toll by at least a half," Prof Neil Ferguson, a Former UK Govt Scientific Advisor said.

Immigration New Zealand estimates up to 10,000 residents and citizens looking to return home when they can get a flight and a room in a quarantine hotel. 

There are also 14,000 applications to get an exception to cross our border.

They include people who already hold work visas and have their homes and whole lives here but are still being turned away with no explanation. 

But Katy Armstrong, an Into NZ Immigration Advisor, says the process still needs improving.

"We have yet to see one of those cases resolved through the exceptions process favourably and that's shocking to us as practitioners." 

One of the issues is there are only so many beds available in quarantine. 

Capacity has increased by around a thousand in the last day to 4,194 beds, but new arrivals are restricted to the number that becomes available each day which Immigration says is around 250.