Australia PM Scott Morrison praised for helping woman who tripped onto rocks

Scott Morrison and his security guard came to the woman's aid.
Scott Morrison and his security guard came to the woman's aid. Photo credit: 7 News/Reuters

Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison and one of his security guards have been hailed for helping a woman who badly injured herself after falling on the beach.

The incident unfolded at a Sydney beach when Cheryl Ferguson, 68, tripped and fell onto some rocks last week, leaving her with serious injuries.

Morrison, coincidentally, was first on the scene.

"We were in the right place at the right time and were able to give Cheryl immediate first aid, support, and comfort as they waited for paramedics to arrive," Morrison said in a statement to 7 News.

Ferguson told Channel 7's Sunrise programme it took her a while to realise it was Morrison coming to her aid.

"Somebody called out 'are you ok?’ and it was Scomo. I was very lucky they were there."

Ferguson said Morrison then called his security guard over.

"He pulled out a tourniquet and then he explained he was part of Scomo's police protection unit," she told Sunrise.

"My anaesthetist told me I wouldn't be alive if it wasn’t for his team being there at that exact moment."

Ferguson has sent Morrison a message thanking him for his help and even invited him over for a BBQ.