Australian police seize $4.6m of cash from car

The cash police found in the car.
The cash police found in the car. Photo credit: Queensland Police

Australian police have seized AU$4.35 million (NZ$4.61 million) of cash from a Brisbane man's car during a routine traffic stop.

The car was stopped by police on the Pacific Motorway at about 8:30am (local time) on Tuesday just south of the city centre.

Police searched the car of Andrew Cross, 37, and found AU$1.75 million (NZ$1.85 million) stacked inside a suitcase, and a further AU$2.61 million (NZ$2.76 million) in a cardboard box, ABC reports. The cash was made up of $100, $50 and $20 notes.

Police hadn't yet determined the origin of the money, but an investigation is ongoing. Cross was charged with one count of receiving tainted property.

Cross' defence lawyer said in court on Wednesday he had no criminal history and had cooperated with police.

The police prosecutor said it would normally be a quick matter to resolve if a person has no history, but the amount of money "does change the flavour of the objection".

Cross was granted bail but with strict conditions. He must report to police twice a week, must surrender his passport and can't go within 100 metres of any international departure points.