Coronavirus: NZ exported case of COVID-19 to South Korea

South Korea covid
South Korea stamped out an outbreak early in the pandemic. Photo credit: Getty

A COVID-19 case picked up at the border in South Korea came from New Zealand, according to Korean health officials.

South Korean media reported on Saturday (NZ time) there were 41 new cases - 28 local and 13 arriving from overseas, including one from New Zealand.

The other cases were from the United States, Brazil, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Iraq and Kuwait. The New Zealand Ministry of Health told Newshub it has been "advised of this case by South Korean health authorities. We are seeking more information."

South Korea has reported more than 14,000 cases of the coronavirus and 298 deaths. It was hit early in the pandemic, but - like many Asian nations - managed to nip the outbreak in the bud before it could spread widely through the community, as it has in many Western countries. 

Daily case numbers dropped to single figures in May, but have risen to double-digits in the past month. 

New Zealand hasn't had a case of transmission that couldn't be sourced in almost three months, Kiwis now enjoying more freedoms than most other countries. 

South Korea has a range of different isolation and quarantine requirements, depending on where travellers have been before entering the country - but most are required to undergo 14 days' quarantine, similar to those entering New Zealand.