Coronavirus: US records biggest daily rise in new COVID-19 cases since start of pandemic - Reuters tally

COVID-19 cases in the United States rose by more than 47,000 on Tuesday (local time), making it the largest daily increase since the pandemic began, according to a Reuters tally.

California, Texas and Arizona also reported record-high increases in COVID-19 cases, and the US' top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci is warning the daily increase in new cases could reach 100,000 soon.

"Clearly we are not in total control right now," he said to the US Congress. "I am very concerned because it could get very bad."

It's the sixth day in a row new cases have been above 40,000 each day.

It brings the total number of cases to over 2.7 million, and just over 130,000 COVID-19-related deaths have been recorded.

Fauci urged a nationwide public health push is needed in order to clamp down on the spike in cases.

"We can't just focus on those areas that are having the surge. It puts the entire country at risk," he said.

He added that there was no guarantee of a vaccine, although early trials and data had been promising.

"Hopefully there will be doses available by the beginning of next year," he said.

COVID-19 cases more than doubled in June in at least 10 states, including Texas and Florida, a Reuters tally showed. In parts of Texas and Arizona, hospital intensive care beds for COVID-19 patients are in short supply.

More than 126,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and millions have lost their jobs as states and major cities ordered residents to stay home and businesses closed. The economy contracted sharply in the first quarter and is expected to crater in the second.

In the past week, California, Texas and Florida have moved to close recently reopened bars, states which public health officials believe are likely one of the larger contributors to the recent spike in cases.

South Carolina also has also emerged as a virus hotspot, reporting a record single-day increase of 1,755 cases on Tuesday (local time).

In Texas, where the number of new cases jumped to a one-day record of 6,975 on Tuesday, Houston hospitals said beds were quickly filling up with COVID-19 patients.

Chief executive of Houston Methodist Hospital Dr Marc Boom told CNN on Tuesday his hospital beds have seen a "very significant" increase in COVID-19 patients, although the death rate has lowered.

Dr Boom said he was worried about upcoming Fourth of July celebrations, when Americans traditionally flock to beaches and campgrounds to watch fireworks displays.

"Frankly it scares me," he said.

Reuters / Newshub.