Kiwi siblings sentenced after brutal attack on Australian police officer

Hylton King.
Hylton King. Photo credit: 7 News / Screenshot

A Kiwi brother and sister have been sentenced in Australia after they brutally attacked a police officer and strangled her until she was nearly unconscious.

Hylton Miharo King, 24, and his sister Ariana Thirteen King, 30, pleaded guilty on Friday to serious assault of a police officer in the Brisbane District Court.

The fight occurred on May 25, 2019 outside the Brook Hotel in northwestern Brisbane. The siblings and other relatives were kicked out for being too drunk and threatened staff on their way out.

Once two police officers arrived outside the pub, Hylton told then to "f**k off" and tried to stop a female officer from getting out of the car, according to

When she did, Hylton started choking her and bit her fingers, while she tried to eye gouge him in a bid to escape.

While trying to get his hands off her neck, Ariana grabbed the pair of handcuffs in the officer's hand and put them on her wrists to stop her escaping the attack.

Brisbane District Court Judge Nathan Jarro says Hylton choked the officer enough that she nearly lost consciousness.

"You didn't stop at the first incident, you continued to inflict physical injury on and harm on someone who was protecting the community," he says.

"Your conduct was disgraceful... Shame on you both."

The officer only recently returned to work and has suffered mentally since the attack.

"She was required to undergo disease testing (after the bite) ... she had to immediately stop breastfeeding in case you had infected her child."

Hylton was sentenced to 11 months' jail for serious assault of a police officer, and Ariana was sentenced to 9 months. Both of their sentences are wholly suspended for two-and-a-half years.

Hylton's visa has been cancelled and he's in an immigration centre waiting to be deported. Ariana will return to New Zealand on her own accord.

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