US anti-mask protesters wear mesh masks in public

Protesters are wearing masks that offer no protection against COVID-19.
Protesters are wearing masks that offer no protection against COVID-19. Photo credit: YouTube / Daily Bits - Twitter / @futilecauz

Anti-mask protesters in the US are wearing mesh masks which offer no protection against COVID-19 as the latest way to rebel against mask requirements.

Protesters have taken to social media to explain the use of the mesh masks, saying they prove mask requirements aren't in place to protect against COVID-19 but to encourage compliance.

One Twitter user shared a photo of herself wearing a mesh mask in public captioned: "The general public are making their own masks including open mesh. No fines have been issued while wearing them in public."

"This is about compliance, not safety," the tweet read.

Florida man Russ Ward shared a video of himself wearing a dirt biking mask to Walmart. The mask is made out of plastic caging, leaving his mouth and nose exposed.

In the viral video Ward explained his county has ordered everyone to wear face masks inside stores which he labeled a "Hitler type ruling".

Ward said nobody mentioned anything about his mask while in Walmart which has led him to believe that mask requirements aren't about safety.

"I complied, I was a good little sheep, I had a covering on my face that doesn't protect anybody from anything and not one person said a word." 

The Insider reports a search for 'mesh masks' on US Etsy produces over 4000 results and sales are increasing.

Mesh masks sold on Etsy are often aimed at being used to wear on top of proper masks as a decoration, but anti-mask supporters are buying them to wear on their own.

"Love it, totally useless but easy to breathe in and will get me in the store," an Etsy user commented under a mesh mask listing.

Twitter users are calling for Etsy to remove all mesh mask listings from the site.

"Hey @etsy super irresponsible for shops like @stinnys to sell mesh 'masks' that reviewers are using to get around the COVID-19 mask mandate," one user wrote.

"So you aren't going to address the shops selling 'mesh breathable' masks? They are literally putting other peoples' lives and health at risk. Do something about it," wrote another. 

Over half of the states in the US have mask requirements.