Beirut explosion: Shocking videos show scale of deadly Lebanon blast

A massive explosion has killed dozens of people and injured thousands in Beirut on Tuesday (local time). 

The blast was centred in the city's port area, according to Lebanon's state news agency NNA. 

Lebanese President Michel Aoun says it is "unacceptable" that 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate were kept in the warehouse, where the explosion occurred, for six years without safety measures.

Shocking pictures and videos show the moment the explosion sent a mushroom cloud over the city. 

Other footage shows windows shattering and balconies collapsing as the blast rocks the capital. 

One video shows a bride being knocked to the ground by the explosion, while people rush for cover. 

Another shows the impact of the explosion as a camera is ripped out of a bystander's hand. 

A third video, taken near the port, shows blocks of buildings on fire as black smoke blankets the area. 

In another video a woman is seen grabbing her daughter and running for safety as the blast shatters their patio windows. 

Head of Lebanese Red Cross says thousands of injured people have been taken to hospital while many others are trapped inside their homes. 

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab says those responsible "pay for what happened". 

Diab says the explosion was a "catastrophe" and the priority is to care for the injured and recover the dead. 

He also called on countries who "stand by us" to help. 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already offered to provide support in any way the UK can. 

Newshub / Reuters