Mississippi's equivalent of Laser Kiwi flag makes round two of state's new flag selection process

The mosquito flag design is now being called a 'typo' by officials.
The mosquito flag design is now being called a 'typo' by officials. Photo credit: Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Mississippi officials are blaming a typo for including a giant mosquito design - their unofficial state pest - as part of the finalists to replace the current state flag.

The former Mississipi flag was voted out by lawmakers in late June for featuring Confederate imagery, a widely condemned racist symbol.

After receiving nearly 3000 submissions, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History revealed the finalists on Monday, one featuring a giant mosquito at the centre surrounded by a circle of stars.

State officials have now confirmed the design was included "due to a typo" and will not be included in the final selection process, The Independent reported.

Mississippi resident Thomas Rosete said he designed and submitted the mosquito flag as a joke on a coworker who didn't want the flag changed, The Clarion-Ledger reported.

The humorous mosquito flag shares similarities to the Laser Kiwi flag, one of the entries to the New Zealand Flag Referendum in 2015.

Laser Kiwi flag.
Laser Kiwi flag. Photo credit: James Gray

The submitted flags must be unique, simple and include the phrase "In God We Trust" to be considered.

On Friday, nine commissioners will choose the final five designs and agree on one single flag design on September 2.

Voters will make a decision on the proposed flag in early November. If accepted, that design will become the new Mississippi flag.