Elderly man in France causes explosion trying to kill a fly

An electric fly swatter ignited the gas explosion
An electric fly swatter ignited the gas explosion

An elderly man in Parcoul-Chenaud, France was injured after a fly chase came to a fiery end when he set off an explosion in his home. 

It was a regular Friday night when this 82-year-old man sat down to eat the dinner he had been cooking. 

Unbeknownst to him, a gas canister had been leaking outside. The gas managed to creep into the kitchen. 

While he was eating, the man noticed a fly buzzing round. The hunt began as he chased it with an electric fly swatter.  A spark from the zapper ignited the gas, literally raising the roof. 

He got off lightly with a minor burn on his hand, however it’s unclear whether the fly got away. After the explosion, the man was taken to hospital for follow-up examinations.

The fly-induced domestic accident left the man’s house temporarily inhabitable as the explosion led to a collapsed ceiling, reports Sud-Ouest

According to France Bleu, the man is now staying at a campsite while his family repairs the kitchen.