Foul-mouthed parrots removed from park in UK after abusing visitors

African Grey Parrots
African Grey Parrots Photo credit: Getty Images

Five cheeky parrots have been removed from a wildlife park in the UK after they started swearing at visitors.

The rowdy-birds have been residents of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park since 15 August after they were donated to the charity by five different owners in the same week. 

"Within a very short period of time, they started swearing at each other,"  Steve Nichols, the park's chief executive told Lincolnshire Live. 

"'F**k off' is the most common one," he explained -- "it's a very easy one for them to learn" -- but the birds would utter "anything you can think of.

The African parrots have been teaching each other obscenities while they quarantined together in the same room, Nichols told CNN Travel.

“When you get four or five together that have learned the swearing and naturally learnt the laughing, so when one swears, one laughs and before you know it, it just got to be like an old working men’s club scenario where they are all just swearing and laughing,” Nichols said. 

The parrots named Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson and Billy love making fun of Nichols.

"I get called a fat t**t every time I walk past," Nichols told CNN Travel.