Duncan Garner: Donald Trump isn't Hitler or the Christchurch terrorist - what sort of person wishes suffering on another human being?

OPINION: As soon as I saw Donald Trump had COVID-19 on Friday, I wrote a note to myself to watch social media announce his death with glee.

And one by one-by-one, out they came; predictable, miserable, mean spirited, and unkind.

What sort of human being with any level of decency wishes the worst form of suffering to another human being?

Trump isn't Hitler, he isn't Pol Pot, and he isn't the Christchurch terrorist. He's easy to laugh at and dislike. He's a bit of a buffoon, a below-average orator, a narcissist, and he's taken the Presidency to terrible new lows.

But to wish death on him? Come on, get a grip.

To journalists like Alison Mau, who, in response to "is he dead yet" wrote "I keep refreshing the browser, but..." When did you become so unbecoming?

Fortunately, Twitter quickly self-regulates and Mau was forced to clarify. She wishes the President a speedy recovery and she just hopes he loses the election in a landslide.

Sadly, Mau's comments were not an isolated case.

Trump is still human. So I say, give him a break.

It sounds like he's recovering well anyway - imagine if he wins from here?

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show