Mysterious white orb captured on camera flying around Florida home, splitting in three

A mysterious white orb has been caught on camera flying around the living room of a pastor in Florida, USA.

Daytona Beach Police Department chaplain pastor Monzell Ford told CBS Miami the incident occurred last week while he was sleeping.

He said his home surveillance system detected movement and woke him up, and he turned on his phone to check the house's security cameras.

Ford said he was surprised to see the unidentified flying object.

"The first thing I'm thinking about is whoa, what is this?" he said.

"This orb, this imagery is just hovering in my living room."

Ford told CBS he ran to the room to find out what it was, but he couldn't see it. The orb could only be seen on his camera.

"I went out there and I couldn't physically see what I'm looking at in the live feed."

Footage from the security system shows the orb came and went over the next few hours, and at one point it splits into several orbs.

"That's when I'm like nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. Something's going on here, something's going on here."

Forb said nothing had ever spooked him so much but he wasn't going to leave his home because of it. 

"If it's physical I can stand it, I can challenge it, I can approach it, I can deal with it, but when we're talking about things floating and disappearing," he said.

"If I know what something is, I'm okay but it's the unknown thing that throws me off."