Trump mocked for sharing a satirical article, thinking it was real

The tweet and Donald Trump.
The tweet and Donald Trump. Photo credit: Donald Trump/Twitter/Getty

US President Donald Trump has shared a satirical article on his Twitter feed, not appearing to realise it's a joke. 

'Twitter Shuts Down Entire Network to Slow Spread of Negative Biden News' read the headline from The Babylon Bee, a right-wing answer to veteran satire news site The Onion. 

"Wow, this has never been done in history," Trump tweeted on Friday night (NZ time). 

"This includes his really bad interview last night. Why is Twitter doing this. Bringing more attention to Sleepy Joe & Big T."

Trump regularly uses insulting nicknames for his political opponents on Twitter - in this case, 'Sleepy Joe' is Joe Biden, his rival for the presidency, and 'Big T' is himself. 

The Babylon Bee's tagline on Twitter says it publishes "fake news you can trust". It was obviously - well, obviously to most - poking fun at Twitter's removal of links to a New York Post story making serious allegations against the Biden family. 

Thirteen hours after sharing the fake story, Trump hadn't removed it. 

"It's a satire site dumbass!" another Twitter user told him. 

"The Babylon Bee is a parody site like The Onion except geared towards loser conservatives who have no sense of humor," said another. "You must be really desperate, and it shows." 

His latest faux pas comes after he shared false claims Biden had a Navy Seal team killed, part of the QAnon bundle of conspiracies.

"That was a retweet! People can decide for themselves!" Trump said during a recent interview with NBC, defending himself.

"I don't get that. You're the President, not someone's crazy uncle," responded interviewer Savannah Guthrie. 

Trump has been using Twitter since 2009. In recent months the site has frequently removed or censored his tweets for spreading false claims and breaking its rules.