UK dad left paralysed after copying kids 'roly-polies'

The father of two was rushed to hospital.
The father of two was rushed to hospital. Photo credit: Getty Images

A UK father of two is paralysed from the neck down after attempting to copy his kids forward rolls, or roly-polies as he calls them.

Wayne Duckworth, from Manchester, spent his day out in the backyard at a barbeque with his kids, doing roly-polies, and tricks on the trampoline.

Once the evening rolled around he was having a couple of drinks indoors with friends and decided to show off his new skill. 

He began the forward roll by launching himself off a concrete fireplace surround which sat about 12cms off the ground. 

He landed awkwardly and immediately knew something wasn't right, the Mirror UK reports.

"I went to pick myself up and realised my arms weren't working properly and I couldn't move my body at all," he told Mirror UK.

"I couldn't feel anything lower than my neck and I realised straight away what I'd done and immediately feared I'd be paralysed. It didn't hurt, I couldn't feel anything."

He believes starting the roll from a height made the trick more dangerous and is the reason for his injuries. 

Duckworth was rushed to Salford Royal hospital where he spent three weeks in the ICU recovering from his injuries. 

He's lost feeling from his chest down but can move his shoulders in a weak pushing motion. 

He's been in a rehabilitation facility since July but is looking forward to getting home and back into his usual hobbies. 

"I want to get back into my hobbies. I don't want to think I'm paralysed, that's me done."

His most recent challenge has been trying to figure out how to teach his nephews to fish without movement in his arms and hands. 

When asked by a nurse if he was surprised he had broken his neck Duckworth - who describes himself as a "clown"- said, "not really."