Donald Trump Jr's map showing Kiwis are backing Trump ridiculed online

Kiwis are mocking Donald Trump Jr after he tweeted a map suggesting New Zealanders would vote for his dad if they had the chance.

The map, created by a fan of the controversial US President and shared by Trump Jr on Twitter, shows most of the world in red - the colour of Donald Trump's Republican Party - including New Zealand. 

The only countries in the blue of Joe Biden's Democratic Party are Mexico, China, India, Cuba and Liberia, as well as the US states of New York and California. 

"Okay, finally got around to making my electoral map prediction," Trump Jr tweeted, failing to mention he actually took the picture from another Twitter user. 

Donald Trump Jr's tweet.
Donald Trump Jr's tweet. Photo credit: Donald Trump Jr/Twitter

Kiwis, perhaps preferring New Zealand had been left off the map altogether as is tradition, reacted badly.

"As a Kiwi I can definitely tell Trump that New Zealand is in the Biden camp," said @DukeofWaiheke. 

"Lol, there's no way New Zealand would vote Trump. Our election last month kinda said that loud and clear," said @vnessfraggle, referring to the left-leaning Labour Party's landslide win in October. 

"The only two crayons he didn't eat," tweeted Kiwi @WhyChrisBrain, while Wellingtonian @sleeping_beasts urged Trump Jr to "lay off the coke, smooth brain".

"Does anyone want to tell him about all the countries in which the colours mean the opposite to what he's trying to portray?" wrote Aucklander Wendy Smith. In most of the world, red is associated with socialism/left-wing politics, but since 2000 it's been the other way around in the US. 

A poll in 2016 found only 9 percent of Kiwis would have voted for Trump in that year's election, if they could. No equivalent polls appear to have been done for this year's election.

In 2019, a worldwide Gallup poll found Trump had just 19 percent approval from Kiwis and 31 percent from the world - only 1 percent higher than Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin.

Worldwide anger

But Kiwis weren't the only ones taking issue with the map. Sharp-eyed Indians noted while their country was blue - despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi's support of Trump - while the disputed Kashmir region was red, so presumably independent or a part of Pakistan. 

"Modi may profess to love Trump, but his laws would prevent junior here from ever publishing a map like this within India," Indian-American New York-based history professor Audrey Truschke tweeted.

The British, despite voting in their own Conservative government in a landslide last year, weren't happy with being coloured red.

"Someone has clearly never been to the UK, where Trump is widely referred to as a 'wanking shitgibbon'," one Brit wrote. 

The problems don't end there. Liberians were happy to be shaded blue, though a little confused as to why.

"He made Liberia, founded by freed US slaves, blue," one person pointed out. 

"As a Liberian I am telling you you don't want [their] kind in the land of the free," said another. "Vote Biden and... kick those clown[s] out for public office." 

Some countries were left in neutral white, while areas of water - and Antarctica - were painted red. 

"Hey assclown. You painted everyone red and blue and left us white," wrote Croatian @Lord Kalmus. "The f**k are we? The ocean? Put some of that blue there boyo." 

"This is the weirdest map I've ever seen," said American @jonah_winchell. "Why is New Zealand now three islands?! Why are the Black, Caspian, and Aral seas voting Republican?! Why is Northern Scandinavia abstaining?!" 

Armenia and the UAE were also coloured in white.

"Sorry, Armenian voters. You sank," tweeted geopolitics writer Molly McKaw.

The creator of the map, Trump supporter @onewalleee, admitted mistakes were made - Sri Lanka should be red and Kashmir blue, he said. As for Liberia, he said it "sounds like it has a lot of liberals".