Donald Trump reportedly considering launching 2024 presidential bid during Joe Biden's inauguration

Donald Trump is reportedly considering launching his campaign for US President for 2024 during Joe Biden's inauguration in January.

The Daily Beast reported on Saturday, citing several sources, that the incumbent US President is discussing ways he could disrupt the transition of power, should he lose bids to overturn the election results.

Democratic nominee Biden has been called as the winner of the 2020 US election by news outlets with 306 electoral college votes to Trump's 232.

But Trump has disputed the results, alleging voter fraud across the country and launching legal battles in numerous states.

Despite refusing to concede, Trump is reportedly talking to close advisers and confidants about a potential 2024 run to reclaim the White House and what they could do for a campaign launch.

Two sources told The Daily Beast he has floated the idea of holding a rally or event during Biden's inauguration week, or on January 20, 2021: inauguration day.

The President reportedly bragged it would keep the spotlight on him as he believes some news outlets find Biden "boring".

It is a longstanding tradition that the outgoing President attends the inauguration to show unity and a peaceful transfer of power to the incoming politician.

However, Trump's presence is not required and five other Presidents have chosen not to attend their successor's inauguration, ABC News reported - the most recent being Richard Nixon after his resignation in 1974.

The Beast also reported Trump and some of his close associates have started to survey potential donors to see who may back him in another presidential bid.

Some allies have reportedly been trying to stay in Trump's good books, so if he ever runs again they can be guaranteed a strong position.