Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani appears to sweat out hair dye while claiming election fraud

Lawyer Rudy Giuliani appeared to sweat out hair dye as he backed his client Donald Trump's claims of US election fraud at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington on Thursday (local time).

The former New York City Mayor appeared at a press conference to parrot many of the outgoing US President's incredible and baseless allegations that the election was rigged in favour of the eventual winner, Democrat Joe Biden.

With his team of five attorneys behind him, Giuliani promised to step up legal action in Pennsylvania and Michigan, telling reporters they had thousands of affidavits alleging vote fraud.

Without presenting any evidence, he also claimed he could prove there was a pattern of voter fraud throughout the US and that Trump had won states by tens of thousands of votes that official figures show he lost.

However at one point, while insisting he wasn't making the entire thing up, he began sweating profusely - so much so that what appeared to be hair dye started streaking down his face.

"There's nobody here that engages in fantasies… It kind of begs credulity to say that it all happened in every single state - my goodness, this is how you win cases in a courtroom," he said, wiping away the dark brown liquid leaking from his temples.

Adding insult to injury, Donald Trump's official YouTube feed of the press conference accidentally aired remarks from members of his team laughing about the streaks on Giuliani's cheeks.

"Do you see f**king Rudy's hair dye dripping down his face?" one man could be heard laughing, oblivious to the fact he could be heard on the mic. "I can't believe they leak," another responded.

While Giuliani was happy to make big claims in front of the media, the reality is Trump's legal battle is going poorly.

His campaign has lost a string of lawsuits intended to reverse the results of the US election, while previous investigations have found no evidence of widespread voter fraud. 

The Associated Press reports that Giuliani was also forced to concede in court that his case wasn't even about fraud, and was instead about whether voters were allowed to make corrections to ballots that might otherwise have been disqualified on a technicality.