Donald Trump wrong to declare victory on TV, says US ambassador Scott Brown

New Zealand's US Ambassador has spoken out against President Donald Trump, saying it was wrong of him to declare victory before the votes have been counted.

Scott Brown told The AM Show on Thursday that while he was happy with the voter engagement, he didn't agree with Trump's decision to declare the election for himself.

"Should he have gone on TV and announced victory? I think no."

Trump made a bizarre speech in the early hours of Tuesday (local time) where he called the election for himself and attacked the legitimate vote counting process, baselessly calling it "fraud".

He also said he would go to the Supreme Court regarding the election - although what for was unclear. 

Brown said the claims about the Supreme Court "didn't matter".

"It doesn't matter what he says about going to the Supreme Court because there's a process and the beauty of what you're seeing now is the democratic process in our country is off the charts amazing."

He says he is "very encouraged" that the democratic process is working.

Asked about Trump's mention of fraud, Brown said if there was any, it would be found out. 

"There are checks and balances in place - we'll see. I have confidence in our system."

He reassured the hosts of The AM Show that regardless of who wins the election, the relationship between New Zealand and the US will remain unchanged. 

"It won't be negatively affected at all." 

Joe Biden currently has 253 electoral college votes - it takes 270 votes to win the Presidency.

Trump is trailing behind at 213.