Duncan Garner: Donald Trump almost made the proud White House Oval Office a symbol of hate and division

OPINION: The US voted Donald Trump out of office as much as they have voted Joe Biden into the White House. 

We've seen more of Biden in the last four days than we saw of him over 40 days.

At 77-years-old, nearing 78, Biden ran a low key and protected campaign. It worked. 

Americans hold the office of President in high regard no matter which party they support but Trump tested that. It's an office that demands dignity but it was destroyed by a guy who thought of it as The Apprentice TV studio, or the baseball locker room where he played fast and loose with people's long careers serving their country. 

He sacked, willy nilly, dozens of leading public servants and department heads. Trump played boss, humiliating people knowing they could barely defend themselves and most of the time it was via Twitter.

For an office holding so much history and one, most Americans, are so proud of, Trump almost made it a symbol of hate and division.

He was hardly Hitler but he wasn't a man you had much sympathy for. Trump told his version of the truth and his people lapped it up - they wanted to believe it so they just kept on believing it.

Even now truth is Trump lost, yet he's still tweeting he won and by a lot. What's he on? 

He will be only the third first-term US President to be ousted in the modern era. 

For a man who, in his own words had better houses, bigger hair, and more money, a defeat will be humiliating.

In the end, Biden flipped Pennsylvania and Trump flopped out of the White House. 

But Trump's been quiet; what is he up to? How will this wounded and humiliated outgoing President act and what will he say?

The US stands at the crossroads - COVID-19 is raging and now Trump faces two options; be resentful and a sore loser (his current mode) or reassure America as a good loser would.

That would show class but, sadly, we know how a buffoon acts.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show