Duncan Garner: Whatever happens, the United States is the Divided States

OPINION: There's a coat of varnish between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the counting continues and both camps are huddled in their respective spots poring over the numbers.

Trump is locked away in the White House. This is going down to a photo finish.

Here's the rub: It now comes down to five of the states still to be counted. Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Biden's ahead in two and Trump's ahead in three.

If that trend carries on, Biden becomes President because his two states are worth more in the race to get to 270 electoral college votes.

For Trump to have a chance of winning, he has to flip Biden's lead in either Nevada or Arizona.

Biden just has to hold on.

The truth is behind the scene Biden's team knows he's on the brink of becoming the President of the United States and the transition team is working furiously to make it smooth.

The nail biter brings the best and worst out in everyone. 

Biden is acting Presidential. He's reaching out and he's sending calm amongst the storm.

Meanwhile Trump is calling in the lawyers. He will legally challenge all the recently claimed Biden states.

It's not clear what his accusation is: corruption, collusion, stop counting, start counting, stop voting, start voting?

I say keep counting. Get it done.

But whatever happens, the United States is the Divided States.

In many ways, it's a dreadful result. The losers will have gotten so close and how they play out that disappointment remains one of the biggest concerns in the coming days and weeks.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.