Dutch students build fully-recycled car from kitchen appliances and old toys

Environmentally-friendly cars are already on the market, and now there's a push for them to be sustainable too.

And a group of Dutch students is doing just that by building a recycled car - proving one man's trash really should be another's treasure. 

Project manager Lisa Van Etten says the car is fully made out of recycled materials. 

"This car is very special because it's made all out of waste. So we use all different kinds of waste and also recycled waste."

The car named 'Luca' is a sporty electric two-seater made from plant materials, recycled bottles, old toys, kitchen appliances, and televisions. The seats are even made from coconut fibre and horse hair.

It took 22 university students about a year-and-a-half to create this one-of-a-kind vehicle, and none of them had experience building a car. 

"Nobody has ever built a car before," Etten says. "So it's very difficult of course."

The car's top speed is 90 km/hr and can go for 220km when fully charged.

Matthijs Van Wijk is one of the students who worked on the car, he wants car companies to follow suit.

"We really hope that other car companies start using waste materials because we really want to show that it's possible in many applications."

These students are hoping one day that cars like Luca will be the new norm.