German 'cannibal' arrested after man's bones found 'totally devoid of flesh'

German 'cannibal' arrested after man's bones found 'totally devoid of flesh'
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A German schoolteacher has been arrested on suspicion of murder and cannabilism after police found a man's bones "totally devoid of flesh".

An electrical engineer, identified as 44-year-old Stefan T, left his flat in Berlin just before midnight on September 5 and was later reported missing by his flatmate. 

On November 8, people strolling through a park in Buch, Northern Berlin discovered his bones.

A policeman told the Berlin daily BZ that one of the bones discovered was "totally devoid of flesh" and there were other indications "which make us strongly suspect that Stefan T was the victim of a cannibal", according to BBC.

On Friday, Police announced sniffer dogs had led them to the address of 41-year-old maths teacher Stefan R, who was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.

"The investigations are ongoing,' they said in a statement.

BZ reported investigators found a saw and smelled human blood when entering the suspect's apartment.

They also allege Stefan R had researched cannibalism on the internet and engaged in a dating platform where he had contact with the victim.

In a post to Twitter, Berlin's Attorney General said the murder commission is "investigating at full speed" the murder and suspected cannabalism.