Harvey Weinstein develops fever, being 'closely monitored' in prison

Weinstein using a walker during his trial.
Weinstein using a walker during his trial. Photo credit: Getty

Harvey Weinstein's health is being "closely monitored" in prison - but a spokesperson for the disgraced film mogul "cannot confirm nor deny" he has COVID-19.

The spokesperson did confirm Weinstein has a fever and is under close supervision inside Wende Correctional Facility.

The convicted rapist is serving a 23-year sentence after being found guilty of one count of criminal sexual assault and one of rape in February. He is also facing more charges of sexual assault in Los Angeles - if convicted he faces up to 140 years in prison. 

He is considered to be high risk for COVID-19 considering his age, weight and high blood pressure - the 68-year-old was hospitalised after his conviction amid concerns about his heart palpitations.

Weinstein's health was a central point of his trial - the former film producer made headlines when he turned up to court appearing frail and using a walker - which his lawyers then used to argue his sentence should be reduced as a lengthy one would be "a de facto life sentence".

CNBC reported in March that Weinstein had tested positive for the virus and was isolated. 

A New York State corrections union official told NBC News the sex criminal was isolated less than a week after being imprisoned. Seven members of staff who came into contact with him were also put in isolation.

At the time, his lawyer would not confirm nor deny the reports.